Uber introduces Phone Number Anonymisation in Kenya to increase privacy

Uber has today announced the introduction of Phone Anonymisation in Kenya – a new feature designed to improve the way riders and drivers communicate. What does this mean? Now, when a rider and driver contact each other regarding a trip, both phone numbers will be anonymised – meaning that you will no longer see each other’s personal contact details.

It is not known if this will reduce stalking issues

Once a trip is completed, you’re encouraged to use our 24/7 in-app support should you need to reach a driver to retrieve a lost item or for a trip related matter. The in-app help service can be accessed within the Uber app by tapping the menu icon in the top left-hand corner. You can then navigate, tap on the “Help” icon and get the assistance that you need

You can expect to see a few changes:

  • When calling or receiving a call from a driver/rider, the number may appear as a landline number.
  • If you’re a frequent rider, you may notice the same anonymised number used for different drivers.

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