The Top 3 Secrets To Peak Performance For The Tech Savvy

Are you in this technology driven world and you feel swamped by the little icons on your screen? Well, Productivity is not working harder. It is not multitasking. Productivity is working smarter. The natural response to the clarion call of productivity is to put in more hours, to work harder, to take on more work. But unfortunately, activity never equals productivity.

Research has proven that out of the 24 hours, we have only 2-4 hours of peak performance hours. Those who realize this, and aim to get the most out of the least (time), end up yielding more results than the rest. In fact, harnessing the 2-4 hours of peak performance can account for up to 10-20 hours of work per week.

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Granted employment requires us to put in more hours but working smarter means realizing your most productive hours and making the most use of these. If you are a morning person, get busy in the morning and vice versa.  But what do you do for the remainder of the day? Well, there are a couple of hacks that you can pull to try to squeeze out any hidden creative juices. Here are the top three:

  1. Take breaks

Your supervisor might not like seeing you get up from your desk every few minutes but taking frequent breaks will ultimately make you more productive. Your brain uses up most of the daily glucose quarter in the 2-4 hours of peak performance and that explains why it gets tired pretty fast after that. You need to hit the refresh button every few minutes to give your brain some much needed break.

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  1. Create a system

You need to figure out which hours are your most productive and create a system around them. Everyone has enough habits that ruin productivity. Maybe it is chatting on whatsapp, watching YouTube videos, or for the weird (read creative) ones, just staring on a black screen.  Try to avoid these productivity killers during your most productive hours. You could also plan out the most challenging tasks for the hours when you are most productive.

  1. Switch to green tea

If you have not caught up yet, green tea is the new coffee. Studies have proved that drinking green tea on a daily basis can make you smarter. Green tea has just the correct amount of caffeine needed to block an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as Adenosine. This fires up more neurons which increases your multitasking ability and ultimately makes you smarter.  But what makes green tea better than coffee is the presence of L-theanine, a compound that helps improve brain activity especially in the presence of caffeine.

Guest post by Masher Rugene,  the founder of, a blog that is dedicated to providing information on the benefits of drinking green tea.