Sian Roses Kenya’s Leading Flower Industry Brand on CNN’s Marketplace Africa

Sian Roses!!! According to CNN  “The country is the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world, accounting for around 35% of all sales in the European Union. Famed for being long-lasting, Kenya’s roses, carnations and summer flowers are also popular in Russia and the U.S. where last week several growers showcased their blooms at the World Floral Expo in Los Angeles.”

Among the market leaders is Sian Roses, a leading Kenyan producer of high quality Roses and Zantedeschia Calla Lilies. The group of three flower farms, all located in Kenya, produces a wide variety of cut flowers, both roses and calla lilies of the highest quality.

According to their website, Sian Roses is Fairtrade Certified and pay great attention to the welfare of our workers, and are involved in a number of CSR projects in our community.

Watch the MarketPlace Africa coverage as CNN, visits Sian Roses a major player in the flower industry, to see how an ideal climate with geographic proximity to Europe keep business blooming.