Data analytics firm, AggregateIQ suspended from Facebook after Cambridge Analytica expose

The Canadian analytics firm AggregateIQ, linked to the Vote Leave campaign in the Brexit vote, has been yanked from Facebook, the company said Friday. AggregateIQ has been linked to the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, the data firm that has been accused of improperly accessing data from 87 million Facebook users. 

Facebook said in a statement to CBS News that in light of reports that AggregateIQ may have received improperly received data, the firm has been suspended pending an investigation. 

“Our internal review continues, and we will co-operate fully with any investigations by regulatory authorities,” read the statement.

According enGadget, Facebook has suspended CubeYou after CNBC sent word that the analytics company was using Cambridge Analytica-style methods to harvest data for marketing purposes. It billed its quizzes as meant for “non-profit academic research” (it did build a website for Cambridge University between 2013 and 2015), but turned around and shared that info with advertisers. Whether or not CubeYou averts a ban will depend on whether or not it passes an audit, although that’s far from certain.

The CNBC investigation found that CubeYou uses a mix of social apps to collect personal info including names, phone numbers, employment, internet addresses and relationship statuses. After that, it matches or links that info to other sources to “enhance their profiles” for marketers. Its data apps revolved around variants of “You Are What You Like,” which purported to predict your personality based on your Facebook page likes.


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