Billionaire of Bitcoin Wallet Xapo wants to Invest in Kenyan Tech Company

44-year old Argentian born tech-preneur, Mr Wences Casares is in Nairobi to celebrate the Sh4.8 billion joint investment in Kenyan-owned digital payments firm Cellulant earlier this month by US firms Endeavor Catalyst and Rise Fundhas.

The founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based Xapo, a four-year old firm that also enables investors to spend their digital cash (bitcoins) via a debit card.

“My biggest regret is that I have sold startups for billions of dollars. Yes, I got the money but no satisfaction because ultimate satisfaction comes from starting a company and building it to realise the vision for which it was started,” he said in Nairobi. “Starting a company and selling it is like giving birth to babies in the hope of selling them in future, which is not good.”

Mr. Casares who is a global board member of Endeavor Catalyst, a growth equity firm which seeks to buy up to 10 per cent stake in start-ups said

“We are also proud to have played a critical supportive role in this transaction by enabling Cellulant to connect with thought leaders in the payments space and leverage our investor connections to support the company’s fundraising,” Endeavor Kenya chairman, also Britam Group chief executive, Benson Wairegi said in a statement.