Ushahidi is investigating sexual harassment claims

Last month, Uber fired more than 20 employees after allegations of sexual harassment were made by a former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s viral blog.

The taxi hailing company sought services of law firm Perkins Coie to conduct an investigation into sexual harassment claims and workplace culture. After other high profile staff departures, the CEO Travis Kalanick was also forced to step down.

A recent investigation titled Elephant in the Valley by former Yahoo executive Michele Madansky, and others  revealed that 60% of women in silicon valley have been sexually harassed and 90% witnessed sexist behavior at company offsites and/or industry conferences.

A recent statement from Ushahidi, an offshoot of Kenya’s best known tech hub, has confirmed that it is investigating an alleged sexual harassment claim lodged by an employee (who has since chosen to leave the company), against one of its senior employees.

It unclear how the company intends to carry out the investigation as the employee has opted to leave the company.

Do you think tech companies and especially start-ups in Africa are managing sexual harassment cases properly?

See full statement below

Statement from Ushahidi Board on alleged sexual harassment claim

We wish to make the following clarifications on the alleged sexual harassment claim:

The Ushahidi Board is fully aware of an alleged sexual harassment claim lodged by an employee (who has since chosen to leave the company), against one of our senior employees and has prioritised an internal inquiry into the matter.

Ushahidi, as a matter of policy and practice, does not in any way condone sexual harassment and treats any such allegation seriously.

The Board has offered avenues for due process to the Parties involved, assisted by their Legal Counsel, and has undertaken reasonable steps to ensure they are afforded a fair hearing in accordance with the Laws of Kenya and our internal policies and procedures. Investigations are still underway and once they are complete, the Board will act appropriately as permitted by Law and Ushahidi Policies.

At Ushahidi, we pride ourselves in our efforts to help give a voice to those marginalised in Society and encourage those who serve them to listen and respond effectively. We consistently encourage all staff members to live by our vision and values and therefore welcome the transparency and candour of the Staff Members involved.

We wish to reiterate that we are taking this claim seriously and will strive to seek a fair and just conclusion to the matter in accordance with the Law as soon as is reasonably possible.