Kenya, United States partner to fight cybercrime

A report by Serianu an IT services and business consulting firm reported that  over 30 Kenyan organizations are vulnerable to daily to sophisticated cyber-attacks, which then results to huge loses that rise from the need to adopt latest technologies in an effort to increase, while providing better customer experience at the touch of a button.

Last year and this year alone, malware and other attacks like the WannaCry and NoPetya have managed to remain in the  news because of the stealth yet brutal attacks on organizations. This has forced many to increase their cyber security budgets to prevent loss of data.

Early this month, a meeting between senior US State Department officials and Kenya’s ICT and Defence Cabinet secretaries in Nairobi resulted in the signing of a deal on partnership to fight cybercrime.

“In cyberspace you can no longer operate alone. We’ve seen that an attack from Ukraine can go anywhere. An attack from Kenya can go anywhere. This co-operation across different markets is very key,” said ICT secretary Joe Mucheru.

Kenya and the USA thus agreed to collaborate in the area of Internet policy formulation and share information on cybercrime. With the US government further committing to train 100 Kenyans on cybersecurity.

This pack adds more reputation to the Kenyan Capital Nairobi becoming a regional business hub that hosts big international corporations such as Google, IBM and GE, making cybersecurity a critical factor.