Facebook to Start Hiding Your Posts If You Overshare & Spam Followers

If you are in the habit of posting too much on your timeline and as a result annoying your followers on Facebook, the company is out to get you.

The social media company Facebook has announced its intention to  begin hiding posts from people who spam users’ news feed with click-bait, sensationalized and misinformation articles. 

The statement posted recently  said that the update was being made “to reduce low quality links” in users’ news feed.

Our research shows that there is a tiny group of people on Facebook who routinely share vast amounts of public posts per day, effectively spamming people’s feeds. Our research further shows that the links they share tend to include low quality content such as clickbait, sensationalism, and misinformation. As a result, we want to reduce the influence of these spammers and deprioritize the links they share more frequently than regular sharers. Of course, this is only one signal among many others that may affect the ranking prioritization of this type of post. This update will only apply to links, such as an individual article, not to domains, Pages, videos, photos, check-ins or status updates.

Facebook says that its core News Feed values is that News Feed should be informative. By taking steps like this to improve News Feed, the company will reduce the spread of problematic links such as clickbait, sensationalism and misinformation.