DSTV Criticized for x-rated content on Cartoon Network

DSTV is in the center of criticism after a photo depicting an adult scene was shared on social media. The company DStv Kenya, through their official Twitter handle, said it is aware of the picture which purportedly shows inappropriate content on Cartoon Network.

The company said in a statement

“We can confirm without hesitation that these images are not authentic and have never been broadcasted or shared on any official Cartoon Network platforms in Africa in any capacity. The fake images on social media were not produced by Cartoon Network, and are in no way representative of our goal to provide suitable, age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families,”

Last month the Kenya’s film and classification board (KFCB) called for the suspension of several US-produced children’s programs running on channels provided by TV company MultiChoice. The programs included The Loud House, The Legend of Korra, and Hey Arnold, which run on the Nickelodeon channel, and Clarence, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time which air on Cartoon Network. The board said the cartoons featured “disturbing content glorifying homosexual behavior” which was not suitable for children.

The discussions around improper content in children’s cartoons has been going on for years now. Stakeholders must act to ensure that young children are not subjected to inappropriate content.